For me, food and wine is a true sensory experience. My husband & I love to cook for our friends and we are always testing out new recipes on them. With the addition of wine, food can take on a whole new dimension. I have immersed myself, as much as my day job allows, into wine. Specifically wine from the Pacific Northwest.

As a Washington State native, I grew up with the fresh seafood and produce native to the area. I look forward to local strawberries in the spring & sweet corn in late summer. As well as fresh caught Dungeness Crab out of Puget Sound and the flavorful beef produced by local farmers. The Northwest offers an abundance of wonderful ingredients to work with.

This site is dedicated to the Food & Wine of the Pacific Northwest. Please join me as I explore all it has to offer!

February 10, 2010

Compass Wines Tailgate Party!

I am very fortunate to live close to an awesome wine shop - Compass Wines located in Anacortes, WA. Every year for Superbowl they do a Tailgate Party, pairing fine wines with junk food.

     When we arrived to the smell of frosted animal cookies and KFC hot wings we knew this was gonna be good. Our tasting started off with Baron Fuente Galipettes Brut Champagne paired with the Mother's frosted animal cookies. It cut nicely through the sweet shortening frosting.

On to the Zingers & Twinkies which were paired with Gorman Winery Big Sissy Chardonnay. For me, this paired much better with the raspberry Zinger than the Twinkie. Gorman's Chard stood up to the preservative laden gutbomb (I mean that in a good way!)

Moving down on to the reds, next we sampled Darnaud Crozes Hermitage. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I read that this French Syrah was paired up with KFC Buffalo Boneless Hot Wings (I don't even wanna know how they make them boneless). I was seriously blown away. The wings had a pretty good kick to them and it just lit this wine on fire. On it's own this wine had great structure and earthiness, but having it with the hot wings changed it completely.

For the final wine of the evening we were treated to a 1975 Chateau Rieussee Sauternes. This was paired with a McDonald's Hot Apple Pie. Truthfully, this wine didn't need a darn thing. It was perfect. However, it paired wonderfully with the hot gooey goodness.

This was really a lot of fun. I hope we can make it a yearly thing!

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